M.A.t.E. - RedruM


    Meet me at the edge
    out in the black forest
    no one is supposed to walk the woods alone
    There, out of his lair
    right in nowhere, hides he
    moving on his toes, lurking for those who roam
    The way was long, the path was getting darker
    between the trees the light was getting dim
    she heard a noise like someone was behind her
    she turns to see who is it, and she sees
    And she sees him

    his arms were too strong
    his eyes were too yellow
    his teeth were too long

    And she said to him
    you think you can seduce me with your lies
    you think you are the only one who tries, no
    you think you can seduce me with your lies
    you know that I
    will never run to hide so, go

    Leave me alone
    not going home with you
    Leave me alone
    I’m going home all by my own
    and when she turned his eyes were saying
    oh, that the wolf was never playing
    Long teeth like a predator
    He got me hooked up with his fingerclaws
    I was trapped by a true carnivore
    Dirty blues is why a little girl trips
    got a uzi and a twenty-shooter
    like I play my hell tricks
    and amputate his tendrills
    Put on my hood and left him
    Too bad he fell for it